Virtual phone numbers

To be available from the traditional networks and phones.

The PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem is closed and invisible from the outside. If you need to be reachable from traditional phones, you can use Virtual Phone Numbers. Choose between thousands of Geographic, Non-Geographic, National, Mobile, and other types of Virtual Phone Numbers, from all over the world!

Virtual Phone Numbers in the modern business flow

What is a Virtual Phone Number / DID Number?

In the closed PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, everyone has their 7-digit phone number. For security reasons, those can be called only within the PTechnology network.

If you want or need to receive calls from the unprotected regular network, you can use Virtual Phone Numbers or DID numbers for that.

Combined with PTechnology's rich feature set, our Virtual Phone Number system offers a full range of possible usage scenarios, from simple landline call forwarding to complex international call routing.

Benefits of using Virtual Phone Numbers

Client Satisfaction: local landline or non-geographic numbers

People generally prefer to call local businesses and numbers. In addition, the price of local calls is typically lower for them.

Never miss a call: predefined and on-premise routing rules

Do you leave the office? By pre-defining routing scenarios or easily re-route the calls on your PTechnology device, you can be sure the calls will be answered!

Remote-work-proof inbound and outbound group numbers

When you dedicate a virtual number to a whole remote-working team, all the inbound calls ring out every team members' phone.

How do your virtual landline numbers work?

Virtual Phone numbers typical use cases

Individuals to protect their privacy

Data-conscious individuals avoid giving out their personal, "physical" phone numbers. They use instead of a virtual phone number(s) for selling their belongings, online shopping, two-way authentication, and other, less important registrations.

Businesses to be flexible in the hybrid/remote work culture

Does someone need to self-isolate or work remotely two days a week? Using Virtual Phone Numbers, the actual location of the called person/business is no longer an issue to answer landline calls.

International businesses to have local appearance

Foreign companies can use local numbers to improve their credit to local businesses and individual customers. Local landline numbers can disguise that they do not have a local office, which is usually unnecessary for trading.

Very reasonable pricing

Geographic, Non-Geographic, National, Mobile, and other Virtual phone numbers, from all over the world!

New York Landline

numbers from

€ 5


London Landline

numbers from

€ 4


Mexico Landline

numbers from

€ 10


Depending on the selected country and type of number, the setup starts with a registration process. The numbers need to be registered in the supervisory authority's registry. The setup fee starts from € 10, which includes the entire formal procedure, including your representation. These prices above are approximated; the actual prices are queried in real-time from the Virtual Phone Number servers.

Important privacy and security notice

1. You may be required to provide personal data during the registration process.

Traditional Phone Numbers are supervised and regulated by local authorities. Accordingly, when you buy a Virtual Phone Number, personal documents may be required for the registration process.

2. Your communication is not as protected as inside the shielded PTechnology network.

Your communication will be seen on the traditional and unprotected network as every other call. However, malicious third parties cannot trace your whereabouts and identity.

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