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Typical cybercrimes and victims

Who are behind cybercrime and for what reason?

The range of interests is quite wide:

Cyber criminal individuals and organisations
interested in making money through fraud or from the sale of collected information.

Industry competitors and foreign intelligence services
interested in gaining economic advantage for their companies or countries.

who find hacking into systems as an enjoyable challenge.

who attack companies for political or ideological motives.

Employees or those who have legitimate access
either by an accidental or deliberate misuse of power.

Statistics from 2019:

Affected companies in 2019 (%)

Who are the victims?

Cyberattacks are not new to large companies and organisations. And while such an attack can cause enormous damage, these companies are prepared for it financially and legally as well.

However, the biggest problem is the dramatic increase in the number of attacks on small and medium-sized businesses. For small businesses, we saw a giant leap from 2018 to 2019.

Untargeted attacks are against any company, regardless of the scope of activity.

The typical victims of targeted attacks such as blackmailing and industrial espionage are:

  • Companies in saturated OR oligopoly markets
  • Companies near or at the end of the supply chains
  • Companies deal with inner or ordered R&D
  • Consultants, Lawyers, Accountants, Tax advisors, PIs investigative journalists and others who work with sensitive data or information
  • Companies with international connections, especially with cross-regional scope of activity, and partnerships.
Cybercrime victims in the pre-pandemic era

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