Communication protection for enterprise management

A solution for the most sensitive discussions

Nowadays, even an average teenager can purchase a pre-build malware on the dark web which is capable to infect nearby devices untraceably: it is enough to connect a fake public hotspot and your phone or computer could easily become a victim of unauthorised access.

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Military-grade secure communication system to enterprise owners, board members and upper management

PTechnology offers a communications solution that uses multiple layers of cybersecurity methods and encryptions to protect your audio and video calls, text and voice messages, sent images, and sensitive documents from unauthorized third parties, from industrial espionage and hostile foreign governmental surveillance.
The global full-featured telephone system treats branches in different countries as a large internal network, regardless of borders. Colleagues working in branches in different countries may even be in constant contact with each other, as if they were working in the same office.
With the flexible time-based licencing system, you can always provide to your clients, partners and your suppliers a way to communicate securely for even only one month without any unnecessary contract or commitment.

Inside the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem,

  • Your calls and messages are protected
  • Your data are not saved or stored
  • The communication is entirely free
  • You are a part of an exclusive circle.

Devices in PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem for every situation

NonPry Mobil Application

Secure calls, messages on your existing phone

Secure communication and file sending on the go. Feature-rich telephony, like a second SIM card.

PPcrypt Landline devices

Elegant, Remote-work-ready landline phones

Wide range of landline devices with a high level of cryptographic capabilities, HD audio and video.

PPcrypt Modular System

Receptionist and Virtual Assistance stations

Full-featured call control system to handle inbound and outbound calls even remotely.

PPcrypt Conference System

Life-like conversations, secure virtual meetings

Untraceable, secure conference calls with enterprise-grade and performance-oriented devices.

Highlighted benefits

Secure communication

Global protected lines

The system is a full-featured telephone system that securely delivers audio and video calls, sent messages, documents and multimedia files with VPN-like encrypted connections and globally located dedicated communications servers.

  • Man-in-the-middle attack and surveillance-proof
  • Untraceable calls and messages without logging
  • No communication data is saved or stored

Data privacy

Comply with all Data Privacy Regulations

Using PTechnology’s system, your business complies with data privacy and data protection regulations from any part of the world. This is due to our zero-data approach: our system uses practically only the data that is essential to provide the required service at the moment.

  • Comply with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and other regulations
  • None of your client’s or employees data is stored
  • You can use and communicate it as one of your USP


Feature-rich, remote phone system

A system with functionality that is suitable for enterprise solutions, yet easy to use. Sophisticated group calling, virtual phone numbers, warm transfer, and many more features support everyday operation, while elegant and premium devices give the users a particularly quality, streamlined feel.

  • Full-featured telephony service
  • Premium and elegant device portfolio
  • Flexible licencing system

Turnkey solution

Ready-to-use solution, you only need internet

No infrastructure investment is required: the feature-rich Virtual PBX system is provided by our global communications servers.
At the same time, no support is needed: we perform security updates for all devices purchased from us automatically, remotely and unobtrusively.

  • Entirely free communication inside the network
  • Excellent international rates with no roaming charges
  • Account balance system prevents overspending

Features including, but not limited to

Full-featured virtual PBX system

From advanced routing to complex rules, from extensions to DID special numbers, every modern features are available to you and your company.

Remote work-ready solution

It doesn’t matter if your team is in the same building or in four different countries. Take and use your devices anywhere - the sound quality is excellent and the conversation is still protected.

Unique, closed source software

Thanks to the completely closed system, the encryption and data transmission procedures remain secret and counterfeiting of the software is almost impossible.

Modularity and flexibility

The number of both lines and devices can be changed and expanded extremely flexibly with a short lead time. Our engineers will help you set up the system you need for free.

HD audio and video quality

The HD Voice and Video technology we use combines cutting-edge hardware and software with wideband technology. Overseas calls are incomparably better quality than regular lines.

Multi-Line Phone System

Manage multiple lines on a single landline device, even remotely. The multi-line system can also handle call routing or receiving the same call on multiple devices.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Customised inbound and outgoing caller IDs, combined with advanced routing and grouping, regardless your actual location.

Web-based administration interface

User accounts, phone lines, account balance, caller ID-s and many others can be managed through your own administration interface.

PTechnology versus other service providers

PTech. to PTech.

PTech. to Regular

Regular to Regular

In summary Inside PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, the communication is safe, protected, unsaved, unstored, and entirely free. No one can intercept your calls. Your privacy is protected, if you do not use outgoing ID, except if the listeners are using voice recognition. Your calls are unsecure, tappable, your contact network is traceable and easily visualisable. Avoid sensitive calls, especially if you are a priority person.
Connection security Protected, untappable, multi-layered channel and data encryption, including SRTP/ZRTP-TLS PTechnology: secure until public ecosystem
Regular providers: tappable + backdoors
Notoriously vulnerable, easily hackable, interceptable, especially the GSM communication.
Communication and call logs No call logs generated: in the system, no data are saved or stored. PTechnology: no data saved or stored
Regular providers: save and stored
Logs of calls and messaging are created, stored, and bound to your personal and financial data. Every of your calls and messages are tracable.
Personal and financial data No financial data are stored, and we only need an email address during a registration, which is not bound to any communication data. PTechnology: not saved or bound
Regular providers: saved, stored, bound
Regular providers collect, save, store and process every data in their big data systems. A hostile government can request for your profile easily.
Local calls Completely free and limitless Very low call rates According to current rates
International calls Completely free and limitless Very low call rates Expensive international call rates
Roaming fee No roaming fees No roaming fees, our system is global It depends on the concrete country, but usually, yes.
International conference calls - between 3 continents Completely free, protected, untappable and untraceable with crystal clear HD audio and video calls. Because of the public network, the call is traceable, tappable, the sound quality is worst, and the call is not free. In case of international businesses, 99% probability that someone is following your calls. The sound quality is poor, and the call is expensive.

Only three steps to start


Create your account

Choose a user name, and a password for your client admin.


Purchase a licence and the add-ons

Your NonPry is ready to use, while your PPcrypt devices arrive in 5 days.


Plug in your PPcrypt phone and log-in with NonPry,

And you are ready to make your first protected calls from your 7-digit PTechnology Phone Number!

No commitment period, free NonPry / PPcrypt calls worldwide

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

We only ask for an e-mail address. There is no customer identification and no contract to sign. You order the service on the internet, our delivery person will make an appointment with you to agree on the time and place of delivery, you pay the value of your order and that is all. You do not need to sign anything.

In case of a landline and other physical devices, we usually process orders within 24 hours. Please allow up to 5 business days to receive the equipment. NonPry on the other hand is fully automated: you only need an account registration and buy the first licence and you are ready to go.

No. There is no commitment period. It would not make any sense either, as we do not require our customers to identity themselves. All you need is an e-mail address and a phone number to use our services. You order the service, our deliverer will agree with you on the time and place of delivery, you pay the service fee, and can start using the phone. There is no need to sign anything!

In order to achieve the highest level of security, we try to avoid outsider service providers as much as possible, which means in most cases we send our own deliverers to most of the world.

Yes. Our deliverer will immediately upload the sum received via a mobile application. Our system will send you a confirmation e-mail. (Currencies we accept: EUR, USD, and HUF) We suggest you load your account balance with multiple months' worth of credit in order to avoid the automatic suspension of our services. According to our experiences using PPcrypt phones is addictive because we easily get used to talking freely to the other party.

The invoice can be downloaded in PDF format right after you have paid for the services online, or to the deliverer, You will find your invoices on the "Payment History" page within your account. Invoices can be downloaded for the previous 13 months.

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