About PTechnology

PTechnology is the company behind the most secured communication system publicly available.
As our name suggests, Privacy Technology aims to re-establish privacy and the secure communication in a world where even meeting our basic human needs (like shopping food for our family), every of our action and activity creates a data points for either a company or state authorities.
We are pioneers, not Luddites. Info and cybersecurity professionals, GDPR, E-Privacy and telecommunication experts. Private individuals who had the idea, the knowledge, and the necessary capital to plan the solution.
Now, seven years later, we have customers from all the world regions, from Chile to Namibia, Australia to US, UK to Russia.

Milestones in our life



After the preliminary assessments, the multi-disciplinary team includes info- and cybersecurity professionals, data privacy and telecommunication experts, launches the company. The whole company is working hard to design the first publicly available, protected and privacy-sensitive communication platform.


Launch of PPcrypt, our secure landline solution

This is the first product we have launched. PPcrypt is a new generation communication system which provides highly secured encryption for your phone calls, safe from hackers, phishers, and hostile governments. But you get even more: even with only one licence you get a modern, full-service telecommunication system! Learn more


Launch of PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem

During the designing process, our goal was to create the most secure closed communication ecosystem. We created it, we call it PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem. Different approaches, entirely hidden and closed communication channels between our server park and communication endpoints.


PTechnology becomes a global player

One year after the launch of PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, hundreds of servers have been deployed globally. It is possible to initiate an outgoing call to 170 countries. Even more: it is possible to request virtual business and landline numbers worldwide.


Launch of NonPry, our secure communication solution on your existing phone

As a result of the continuous development of PPcrypt and the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, we have created a unique communication infrastructure that, in addition to perfect security, is also prepared to operate with wireless clients. As a first step, we built our fully enclosed, isolated and protected virtual phone and messaging application, NonPry, for your existing, unsecure iOS and Android devices.


The first blueprints of our own communication devices

Cybersecurity, communication and privacy protection become more important than anyone ever would thought before. In line with the needs of our customers, we start to design and develop the next generation of secure communication solutions.


Launch of NPconf secure video conference system

By the launch of NPconf, a video conferencing system with a high level of security and protection will be available to individuals and businesses, which can currently only be purchased with an investment of tens of thousands of euros. As part of the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, you can connect into NPconf conference calls with your PPcrypt landline or NonPry App as well. Even more, the communication within the system remains completely free.

Launch of The NPhone Secure Communicator

This is our first completely self-made telecommunication device. NPhone is state-of-the-art telecommunication innovation combining security, high performance and elegance. With NPhone, you can make phone calls, send large files, videos and pictures with the highest level of encryption available today. It’s reacting to physical abuses with self-destruction to keep the data secured.

We reach 1 000 000 clients worldwide

It seems we are pretty much on this path.

We are committed to sustainability!

Our communication platform uniquely supports social balance by giving the opportunity of private and secure communication for civil society and businesses alike. But, there is more.
According to a research, the ICT sector’s carbon footprint could be reduced by over 80 per cent in case of all electricity consumed coming from renewable energy sources. Thus, in the very beginning, we decided that our infrastructure will be powered by renewable energy as much as possible.

We are proud that our entire communication infrastructure is powered by green energy!

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