New level of communication security. This is PTechnology.

PTechnology offers a closed, modern, full-featured communication solution to protect your personal and business communication against unauthorised third parties.

Public communication networks are quite vulnerable. Phone carriers and the popular communication platforms constantly track our conversations to make money on our sensitive data, while malicious third parties and hostile governments can record our conversation.
Using the PTechnology communication solutions protects your privacy and your information from corporate espionage, tech giants, cybercriminals, hostile governments and any other unauthorised third parties.

NonPry, our SIP-based Secure VoIP client

Features and benefits overview

PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem: an unbreakable, distinct, invisible, global telecommunication network with its own 7-digit phone numbers

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A closed, invisible network with multiple level of protection

Multi-layered external and internal cyber and communication security solutions protect your communication against eavesdropping or tracing by unauthorised third parties. The ecosystem is invisible from the public internet, and there are no opened APIs or integration points.

Globally deployed communication servers with dedicated connections

Globally deployed communications servers with dedicated connections. They are responsible for transmitting audio and video calls, text and voice messages, documents, photos, videos and large files.

End-user communication solutions with isolated cryptographic engine

We offer a wide range of client solutions, from the on-the-go NonPry iOS / Android application to the (virtual) assistant stations or conference room phones. The PTechnology cryptographic algorithms run isolated in our supported devices to establish encrypted, unbreakable client-server channels even using public Wi-Fi.

Utmost privacy: No personal information, no communication data saved or stored. Hence, there is no point in hacking our system.

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No personal, communication or metadata is saved or stored

Only a notification email address is required to start using PTechnology services. No "anonymous" usage data is stored to "improve" our system. The communication data is delivered without a trace; we have the necessary authority approval for this.

No financial or credit card information is saved

We use a top-up system to avoid saving detailed financial and related personal information. In addition, you can use the service by purchasing a time-based license, thus avoiding the saving of personal data that is mandatory for classic subscription contracts.

Meet all official data protection regulations and client policies

The communication system complies in all respects with the client's data security-focused Infosecurity policy, as well as the GDPR, CCPA, ICO and all other personal data protection regulations.

High quality telephony service: Full-featured Virtual PBX system, crystal-clear audio and video, elegant and premium devices

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Full-featured, remote-work-ready telephony system

A complete communication solution designed for hybrid work. From freelancers to large corporations, our virtual PBX system has all the features that the everyday life of a modern business requires.

Premium devices with crystal clear, HD audio and video

Our carefully selected devices have the quality and necessary processor capacity to run our audio and video cryptographic algorithms flawlessly. We use the HD Voice technology that combines cutting-edge hardware and software with wideband technology. Overseas calls have incomparably better quality than regular lines.

Global solution to replace or supplement your available system

We have developed the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem to be a true alternative to traditional, monitored and vulnerable public network systems. We have ready-to-use solutions for individuals, small businesses or large enterprises.

Reasonable pricing: Free communication inside the network globally. Honest business model, no strings attached or tricky subscription renewals.

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Free communication inside, extremely reasonable prices to outside

Communication within the network is free between all users, while calls to the numbers of traditional telephone operators are extremely cheap, even internationally.

No infrastructural investment, no support or extra Infosecurity costs

There is no need to build or host a PBX system. All you need is broadband internet and user devices, and we provide all the enterprise-level communication features remotely through the internet, protected by our custom-designed encryption methods.

Time-based licencing system, no commitments and automatic renewals

We use a flexible time-based licencing system to avoid the necessity of long-commitment contracts, thus financial and personal information storage. If you need a number for your supplier for two months, you only need to buy two monthly licences, and your communication is protected.

Client solutions in PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem

NonPry Mobil Application

Secure calls, messages on your existing phone

Secure communication and file sending on the go. Feature-rich telephony, like a second phone.

PPcrypt Landline devices

Elegant, remote-work-ready landline phones

Wide range of landline devices with great user experience and crystal clear HD audio.

PPcrypt Video Phones

High-End video collaboration

Elite devices with HD video conferencing functions, equipped with encrypted Bluetooth handset by default.

PPcrypt Modular System

Receptionist and (Virtual) Assistance stations

Full-featured line control system to handle inbound and outbound calls even remotely.

PPcrypt Conference System

Lifelike remote meetings and conference calls

Maximum protected conference calls with noise cancellation, and HD Audio experience.

NPconf video call system

Lifelike face-to-face meeting experience

Maximum protected video calls with untraceable connections of the participants.

NPhone Secure Communicator

The 'Presidential Red Phone' in your pocket

A state-of-the-art phone which reacts to unauthorised access attempts with self-destruction.

PTechnology versus other service providers

PTech. to PTech.

PTech. to Regular

Regular to Regular

In summary Inside PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, the communication is safe, protected, unsaved, unstored, and entirely free. No one can intercept your calls. Your privacy is protected, if you do not use outgoing ID, except if the listeners are using voice recognition. Your calls are unsecure, tappable, your contact network is traceable and easily visualisable. Avoid sensitive calls, especially if you are a priority person.
Connection security Protected, untappable, multi-layered channel and data encryption, including SRTP/ZRTP-TLS PTechnology: secure until public ecosystem
Regular providers: tappable + backdoors
Notoriously vulnerable, easily hackable, interceptable, especially the GSM communication.
Communication and call logs No call logs generated: in the system, no data are saved or stored. PTechnology: no data saved or stored
Regular providers: save and stored
Logs of calls and messaging are created, stored, and bound to your personal and financial data. Every of your calls and messages are tracable.
Personal and financial data No financial data are stored, and we only need an email address during a registration, which is not bound to any communication data. PTechnology: not saved or bound
Regular providers: saved, stored, bound
Regular providers collect, save, store and process every data in their big data systems. A hostile government can request for your profile easily.
Local calls Completely free and limitless Very low call rates According to current rates
International calls Completely free and limitless Very low call rates Expensive international call rates
Roaming fee No roaming fees No roaming fees, our system is global It depends on the concrete country, but usually, yes.
International conference calls - between 3 continents Completely free, protected, untappable and untraceable with crystal clear HD audio and video calls. Because of the public network, the call is traceable, tappable, the sound quality is worst, and the call is not free. In case of international businesses, 99% probability that someone is following your calls. The sound quality is poor, and the call is expensive.

Only three steps to start


Create your account

Choose a user name, and a password for your client admin.


Purchase a licence and the add-ons

Your NonPry is ready to use, while your PPcrypt devices arrive in 5 days.


Plug in your PPcrypt phone and log-in with NonPry,

And you are ready to make your first protected calls from your 7-digit PTechnology Phone Number!

No commitment period, free NonPry / PPcrypt calls worldwide

Do you have any question?
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