Accountants and Tax advisors

Secure communication and data privacy for Accountants and Tax advisors

Accountants deal with sensitive personal and business data, tax records, documents, statements and other financial information. Only one considerable data breach is enough, and the accounting business gets in real trouble.
PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem provides a complete telecommunications solution in addition to secure communications and data privacy.

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Situation description

Accounting firm with hybrid work

Because bookkeeping and bookkeeping are mostly computer-based jobs, hybrid work is extremely common among accountants. The problem begins when you work with amazingly sensitive personal and business data through a home office network and tools designed by a person with inadequate expertise.
Both sending files and communicating are a serious problem. We only need to confirm once in our email client the question, “Are you sure you want to connect to the mail server without SSL?” And without encryption, a nature will send our annual report to our client.

PTechnology provides a secure, complete communication solution for both sending data, documents, messages and make phone calls.

PPcrypt Call Handling Solution

Central call handler device

With the help of the full-feature telephone, the assistant, or the responsible colleague can handle all incoming calls and related tasks conveniently and easily. For cold and hot call diverts, the current busy status of all your colleagues is displayed on the phone screen, with the "Do not Disturb" modes turned on.
Whether you forward calls to other NonPry or PPcrypt numbers, it stays perfectly secure and secure.

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PPcrypt Landline Solution

Landline (home) office workstations

Among the Yealink devices we support, entry-level devices also allow for perfect, uninterrupted conversation, even internationally.
The calls, transferred by anyone else can be answered in the same way as direct calls to our clients. If we need to leave the office, we simply need to divert the current call to our NonPry phone, and the conversation can continue without interruption, but with the same protection.
All wired devices are portable. Many of our customers take their landline device with them abroad so that they can be connected to the hotel’s wired internet in the same way as in the office or anywhere else.

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NonPry Mobile Application

A secure on-the-go solution for employees and new customers

You always should be careful about a new client whose IT and network infrastructure security is not controlled by you. Network devices and cell phone viruses unknown to the partner can easily make even communication channels that are thought to be encrypted eavesdropping on.
In the case of a qualified lead, it is already worthwhile to provide our potential customer with a one-month NonPry license; to talk with NonPry, the communication will be surveillance-proof. Not to mention, its cost is equivalent to the price of two lattes.

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PPcrypt Meeting Room Solution

Life-like communication and audio meetings with your permanent clients

There is no need to go to clients for every sensitive conversations. Using two Yealink conference phones, a call between two distant meeting rooms is like being in the same room with the other parties.
No question that face-to-face meetings play a very important role in strengthening the relationship between a service provider and a customer. However, you can save a lot of time and energy if you only have every second or third sensitive conversation in person.

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Regular Phones Numbers

Virtual Phone Numbers to receive calls from the public network

The essence of virtual telephone numbers, or DID numbers, is that NonPry and PTechnology devices can be called from outside the PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem.
In the case of an accounting firm, it is advisable to request a virtual telephone number for the central telephone number and for a senior accountant. The other employees will, of course, still be able to be called within the network by an existing client, for example. Still, the unknown official calls from the public network will be handled by the central call handler.

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