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Licencing system

We use a simple, time-based licencing system, where you can buy exactly what do you want to have, no less and no more. There are two type of licences:

One month licence, which is ideal choice for short-term projects, or to a new employee/client. If you need three months access, simply buy three licences.

Annual licence, which is a very reasonable choice, with two months gratis and €40 gift account balance for calling regular numbers.

The reasons of using licencing system

Privacy: With time-based licencing system, we do not need to record personal and banking information. In the case of a traditional transfer.

Flexibility: There is no need to sign long-term telecommunications contracts and commitments. It is enough to buy a license when and for how long we need it.

Let's see an example. You have a new employee in one month probation time who need a number to do his work. If you decide to continue that employment, simply purchase the monthly or annual license required to continue. If he did not meet your expectations? You don't need to do anything: just let the license expire, and it is sorted.

We do not use automatic renewals anywhere in the system to avoid uncomfortable situations.

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