Typical users of our communication solution

Secure communication with shielded privacy

Thanks to its highly scalable, feature-rich Virtual PBX functionality, and the benefits of global operation, the PTechnology Communication System is used by increasing number of businesses and enterprises worldwide.

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Freelancers, Consultants and Negotiators

Separate your private and business communication on your existing smartphone. Inside PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem, calling your client or supplier is secure, even using a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Business and private calls from one mobile
  • Meets all security requirements
  • Free communication inside the network
  • Surveillance-proof calls, MITM protection

Entrepreneurs and startups

Flexible solution to keep up with the internal and external changes of your organisation with commitment-free licensing system. Cost-effective solution: new colleagues can start with using their own mobile phones with NonPry Application, without raising privacy concerns.

  • Flexible licencing, free inside communication
  • Compliance with all privacy regulations
  • Virtual Phone Numbers from all around the world
  • Surveillance-proof calls, MITM protection

Small and medium size businesses

Multi-layered external and internal protection guarantees the unbreakability, the monitoring and eavesdropping of your calls and messages.

  • Complete communication solution
  • Meet the security requirements
  • Free, secure communication with clients
  • Surveillance-proof calls, MITM protection

International and IMPEX businesses

Multi-layered external and internal protection guarantees the protection of your communication. The quality of the calls is outstanding, the difference between international and local calls is not noticeable with landline solutions.

  • Unsaved, protected international communication
  • Compliance with all privacy regulations
  • Crystal clear, delay-free HD audio calls
  • Surveillance-proof calls, MITM protection

Enterprises, non-executive management and upper class

The privacy and security focused PTechnology Shielded Ecosystem is suitable for conducting sensitive conversations that we previously only could have in person.

  • Business and private calls from one mobile
  • No communication data saved or stored
  • High quality, elegant, premium devices
  • Surveillance-proof calls, MITM protection

Critical national companies, infrastructures and diplomacy

The PTechnology’s system is capable of fully serving the internal communications of organizations and companies with up to tens of thousands of accounts.

  • Secure, full-featured internal phone service
  • Deep fake voice protection
  • Unsaved, untraceable communication
  • Worldwide communication solution

Only three steps to start


Create your account

Choose a user name, and a password for your client admin.


Purchase a licence and the add-ons

Your NonPry is ready to use, while your PPcrypt devices arrive in 5 days.


Plug in your PPcrypt phone and log-in with NonPry,

And you are ready to make your first protected calls from your 7-digit PTechnology Phone Number!

No commitment period, free NonPry / PPcrypt calls worldwide

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